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For sport teams who use video analysis to improve their visual learning

Do you want clarity in your coaching messages?

At Sport Video Analysis, we can help you.

Step 1 -  

Upload your footage & send an outline

for the animation required.     

 Step 2 - 


Check inbox within 24hrs for animated video with our bespoke 3D graphics. 

Step 3 -


Distribute within your school/club/team. ​Share & discuss learning.

At Sport Video Analysis we support unions, professional and semi professional teams, universities and schools in exactly that, video analysis for sport. Video analysis drawing tools make your videos more engaging.

What better way to show your sports coaching messages and share information visually to the wider group via video clips? Using appropriate graphical animation tools to project the key messages and improve visual learning in an interactive team video review session or on-demand via an online media platform.

We make video analysis for schools so that its engaging for young people to understand your coaching points. ​

If you are a coach or performance analyst and want to make your video analysis more vibrant, we can help you engage your players, athletes or learners with bespoke first-class performance analysis.

Whether you need us to work on site or remotely, we can tailor your requirements.

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