Sport Video Analysis

For your bespoke sport video analysis, we use the broadcast standard software Tog Sports & Tactic Advanced by RTSoftware. These give us the ability to animate graphics draw tools over the video pictures. This can be in a way of highlighting certain players, areas on the picture and with text. There is also the possibilities to show metrics such as speed, distance between different players on the pitch as well as clocks for timings.


All Graphics are customised to your team. This means you can have them presented in the colours and style you want. They can be tied to the pitch as the camera moves or animated on as a still during a paused duration.

We provide our services in two different way; working with you and your team on site & providing sports video analysis remotely. Do you need your game or training reviewed? We overlay graphics to your video analysis to bring out your coaching messages and points for the players to engage with visually. Or would you like an animated playbook in a virtual stadiums for players to understand play by play?

You can send us your video footage via a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) such as WeTransfer, Dropbox or MyAirBridge, along with a brief outline (what tools you want to animate at the exact time code of the footage).

We love animating video analysis for rugby, football, netball, basketball, hockey and many many more sports. We also love to hear your suggestions on what coaches might be looking for in a graphic to present their coaching message to players. Feel free to get in touch and drop us a line. Is there a graphic idea you have? Whatever video analysis you need, we promise to make it engaging.


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