Animation Draw Tools : Sport Video Analysis

Arrows - Sport Video Analysis
Add Customised arrows (straight & curved).
Circles - Sport Video Analysis
Add 2D/3D circles to regions & players.
Trails - Sport Video Analysis
Add speed/distance text plinths & circles with trails.
Regions - Sport Video Analysis
Add offside lines, shaded regions & eye sight radars.
Text/Clocks - Sport Video Analysis
Add Text plintchs, to the pitch, text flat to screen & clocks.
Player Drag - Sport Video Analysis
Add posed players to recreate the position of players & player drag function to change position.
Magnification - Sport Video Analysis
Add paused Zoom, tracked zoom & magnification.
Virtual Stad - Sport Video Analysis
Create virtual stadiums in football, rugby, hockey & american football with counters to show player positions, responsibility, roll & movement.
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At Sport Video Analysis we over lay the following animation draw tools with graphics to bring your teaching/coaching messages to life.

3D Arrows
Dotted lines 
Curved lines
2D Lines
3D Possession circles
Resizeable Ellipse
Distance Traveled
Dotted Trail
Lined Trail
Eye sight radar
Pitch text
Player text plinth
Flat to screen text
Player drag
Posed player
Virtual stadium
Virtual Cameras

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